9 Cute Things the Easter Bunny Would Say

Get into the spirit of Easter with these hilarious quotes and sayings from the Easter Bunny! From sweet and sentimental to sassy and funny, there’s something for everyone. Share a laugh with your friends, family, or co-workers this Easter season

  1. “Happy Easter!”
  2. “Hopping to your house with lots of egg-cellent treats!”
  3. “Let’s have an egg-straordinary day!”
  4. “Gobble gobble all of that chocolate!”
  5. “Not too much sugar, now!”
  6. “Ready for a hunt? I’ve hidden some things around here!”
  7. “Let’s go on an adventure to find the Easter eggs!”
  8. “Look around, you never know what you might find!”
  9. “I hope you have a basket big enough for all of your treats!”

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