Popular Easter Traditions to Celebrate with Your Family

Bring joy to your family this Easter with these popular and fun traditions. From egg hunts to religious services, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday. Get creative and make lasting memories with these beloved traditions.

  1. Easter Egg Hunts – This fun activity is a favorite among kids, who search for brightly colored eggs filled with treats.
  2. Easter Baskets – Filled with goodies like chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and other treats, these baskets are a beloved Easter tradition.
  3. Easter Bonnet Parade – Wearing elaborate and often comical hats, participants in this parade march around town on Easter Sunday.
  4. Church Services – On the day before Easter Sunday, many churches hold special services to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  5. Egg Decorating – Painting and decorating boiled eggs

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